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Boat Tours from Crikvenica

Boat tours are a great way to see the islands near Crikvenica. There are numerous destinations that can be explored in a single day. From Crikvenica's main marina in the town center, some of the most popular trips are to the town of Vrbnik or Baška on the island of Krk or to the island of Rab. Most of the excursions begin in the morning and return late afternoon or evening.

Our favorite boat tour was to Rab. We boarded the boat at 7am and the moment we set sail the captain and crew began to hand out to passengers complimentary shots of rakija. Also known as grappa in Italian or schnapps in German, rakija is Croatia's brandy. This is a common custom when you embark as a sign of hospitality and I think it's also to help you get your sea legs. Coffee is offered afterward of course because it's Croatia and that's how you do.

We took a tranquil ride passing the island of Krk and an old vacant prison that stands alone on the island of Goli, which means "naked island." Now, Goli is a popular destination for boaters to dock at the pier still remaining there to swim, dive and snorkel. In two hours we anchored in the town of Rab on the island of Rab. From there we were greeted by our tour guide who took us all around the ancient town. Rab was originally settled by Illyrians in 350 BC and is the 10th largest island of Croatia. Rab is known for it's distinct skyline comprised of four church bell towers and it is home to one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe opened in 1326 and still in operation to this day. One of the most popular events is called Rabska Fjera, a medieval festival with knight tournaments. The island of Rab has over twenty beaches, including a nudist beach and a dog beach.

For lunch we had seafood fittingly and being surrounded by water it was as fresh as fresh could be. Our meal was included in the price of our tour. Following our delectable lunch, the tour guide allowed us time to wander around at our leisure and then we all met back at the boat around 3:00pm to return to Crikvenica.

Most excursions follow a similar routine as what we had to Rab. Some visit multiple locations in a day and some allow stops to jump off the boat and swim around a bit. From Crikvenica, most tours cost around $20-30 per person. Make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, your bathing suit if you plan to go swimming off the boat or at a beach and maybe some sea sickness pills if you've never been on the water before. If you really want to discover Croatia then a boat tour must be on your vacation checklist.

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