• Jessica Cerovic

Crikvenica's Greatest Strength

Location, location, location! It really is so important when making a big decision, like a vacation. Well, you are in luck because one of Crikvenica's greatest strengths is it's location. The town sits along the northern part of the Adriatic sea in the Kvarner region of Croatia near the Vinodol Valley and the Velebit mountain range. Being in the northern part of the country, summers tend to be more comfortable while winters can be cooler, but there is rarely snow. One minute you can be on the beach and in less than an hour drive you can be at a ski center. From our apartments, it is a five minute walk to the beach and a ten minute walk into town.

As you can see on the map there are several other European countries within driving distance:

- Slovenia in less than an hour

- Italy in 1.5 hours

- Austria in 2.5 hours

- Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2.5 hours

- Hungary in 3.5 hours

- Germany in less than 5 hours

- Serbia in 5 hours

- Montenegro in 7 hours

Inside the country you can reach by car:

- Island of Krk in 15 minutes

- Rijeka (3rd largest city in the country) in 20 minutes

- Istria region in 40 minutes

- Zagreb (capitol and largest city in the country) in 1.5 hours

- Nikola Tesla's childhood home in less than 2 hours

- Plitvicka Jezera National Park in 2 hours

- City of Zadar in 2.5 hours

- Split (2nd largest city in the country) in 4 hours

- City of Dubrovnik in 6 hours

While staying in Crikvenica you have the opportunity to take a day trip and see several points of interest including cities, islands and other countries. Make the most out of your Discover Croatia Vacation with this ideal location.

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