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Day Trip to Krk, Cres & Losinj Islands

When Igor was still living in Croatia and I was only able to come visit him for a month here and there, we took a day trip on his Yamaha FZ6 motorcycle to the islands of Krk, Cres and Losinj. In about a 15 minute drive from Crikvenica you can reach the bridge that takes you over to the island of Krk.

Krk is the northern most and largest island on the Adriatic Sea. Due to Krk's location, it is the closest island for vacationers from continental Europe to visit. This island is the most accessible because of the mile long bridge from the mainland and it's international airport. Krk offers it's tourists not only stunning beaches but centuries old towns, historical sites, humble villages where you can experience traditional Croatian culture and authentic cuisine, hidden swimming holes, and a vibrant restaurant, bar and club scene. In the city of Krk you can visit the 13th Century Frankopan Castle. On the northeastern side of the island you can tour the Biserujka Cave. The town of Vrbnik is located along a cliff and is surrounded by vineyards producing Zlahtina white wine, one of Croatia's many infamous wines. The town of Baska contains a 12th Century tablet written in Glagolitic script and is the first document that mentions Croatia.

In order to get to the island of Cres you have to take a ferry boat either from the island of Krk or from Istria. Cres is the second largest island in the country but one of the least inhabited. As Igor puts it, "Cres is more wild." The island is made up of some of the most beautiful and untouched beaches, coves, caves and lagoons in Croatia. Nature preservation is a top priority on the island and helps maintain it's authenticity. There is a rehabilitation hospital for the rare Griffon vulture. The terrain varies from olive fields, fig trees and rocky pastures to thick shrubs and pine forests and from cliffside shores to the large freshwater lake, Vrana.

In order to get to the island of Losinj you have to go to Cres first. There is a short bridge connecting the two islands together. Losinj is a vacationer's paradise because of it's convenient accommodations popular year-round. Due to the islands temperate weather, it is famous for it's climatic health resort, Ljeceliste Veli Losinj, known for treating respiratory diseases and allergies. Besides the ultimate relaxation at the beaches, you can enjoy activities like a visit to the Museum of Apoxyomenos, diving, sailing, hiking and much more.

To visit all three islands you will need an entire day. We started our day trip early in the morning by driving to Opatija for coffee and then hopping on the ferry boat in Istria for a 30 minute tranquil ride to Cres. We continued on the scenic route passing through almost the entire island of Cres over the short bridge to Losinj. Here we had a delicious lunch of fresh fish caught that morning from the sea and walked around the charming towns of Mali and Veli Losinj. From there, we cooled off by taking a dip in the crystal clear waters at the shore. On our journey back to Crikvenica we took a second ferry from Cres to Krk where we stopped in Vrbnik for a glass of Zlahtina and then onward over the bridge and back to the mainland.

Whether you see just one of the islands or all three you will discover some of Croatia's award winning beaches, ancient history, and authentic culture and cuisine. These islands are sure to win over any visitor longing for a once in a lifetime vacation experience.

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