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Favorites of Crikvenica

If you are staying in Crikvenica, here are our favorite spots in this charming, seaside vacation town that we wanted to share with you to make your stay even more enjoyable. This includes everything from our favorite beach to our favorite market and much more.

Favorite Beach- Kačjak

Even though we have a lovely beach only five minutes walk from our apartments, our most favorite beach is a scenic bike ride or short car ride away. Technically this beach is outside of Crikvenica official limits, but it is still part of the Crikvenica Riviera. From downtown, drive north along the coast until the road comes to an end, where a little bay is surrounded by rental cottages and a small boat landing. There are large rocks to climb on, jump off of into the water or just sunbathe on top of. Due to it's location outside of the main part of town, the beach is never overly crowded and can feel like your own little hidden location.

Favorite Fine Dining- Restaurant Dida

Not only is this our favorite restaurant, but also it is only a five minute walk from our apartments. Croatian cuisine at it's finest and a beautiful view of the Adriatic to go with it. The food is delectable with a picture perfect presentation. You may dine inside where you get to see the chefs do their magic or dine outside and watch the boats sail by. An ideal place for a special occasion or if you are just looking for a great culinary experience.

Favorite Coffee Bar when you have to sit inside- Kavana Toš

This cafe is along the main street through Crikvenica. It was recently renovated and has a cozy, contemporary style with glass walls that open when the weather is nice. There is plenty of seating indoors and outdoors and it is a great location to people watch. Service is always excellent, even when it's busy. With your drink comes a complimentary chocolate and glass of water. Also, they have a wide selection of delicious cakes that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Favorite Coffee Bar when you can sit outside- Caffe Bar Školjka

This cafe sits in the newly renovated Stjepan-Radič square in front of the main marina where all the tour boats dock. Only a small part of this cafe is indoors, which is usually left completely open to the outside. The rest of this cafe is outdoors composed of comfy chairs covered by awnings. Service is always splendid, even when it's crowded. With your drink comes a complimentary glass of water. A perfect place to watch daily life of locals, visitors and sailors. If there is a festival going on, then you have one of the best seats.

Favorite Bakery- Pekara Aroma

This bakery is in the main market area of town. Everything is baked fresh, from scratch daily. The earlier you arrive in the morning, the better selection you will have. Most Croatians buy fresh bread every day if they are not making it at home. It is very popular to have a pastry for breakfast. My favorite pastry to get is the apple or cheese strudel (strudel od jabuke/strudel od sira). Igor's favorite is a filled donut of chocolate or jelly (krafna- see picture above) or a rolled pastry called piroška.

Favorite Beach Bar- A tie between Sabbia and Kataka

Igor and I could not decide on just one so we are going to tell you about both. These bars are right on the beach, so you can get your drink at the bar and then go put your toes in the sand. There are all kinds of theme nights during the summer and they bring in popular guest bands, DJs and singers to perform. Sabbia is a restaurant during the day and can sometimes serve to an older audience whereas Kataka is purely a bar and can sometimes cater to a younger crowd.

Favorite Grocery Store- Market Ana

This cute little market is only a two minute walk from our apartments. If you need a few groceries or toiletries this is the most convenient spot. The shopkeepers are always friendly and helpful.

These are our favorites when we are back in Igor's hometown. There are many more great spots to check out, but then this blog would be way too long. Give them a try and see what you think. We are confident you will not be disappointed.

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