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June in Croatia

Beach people, your time of the year has finally begun! June or Lipanj in Croatian is the first month of the year where the beautiful coastline really becomes the highlight and the summer season of tourists takes off. With this great weather, there is still plenty to do inland if you're not a beach person.

Family Fun

Speaking of sand, if you're vacationing between June 10th-14th, check out the Festival of Sand Sculptures in Lopar. Artists use only sand and water to create their masterpieces and the best sculptures are awarded prizes. A fun sight to see for the whole family.

Go to: https://www.lopar.com/eng/tourist_offer/events/sand_sculptures.php for more info.

And speaking of family fun, check out the International Children's Festival June 15th-29th in Šibenik. This is the 59th year this festival has been held, celebrating children's imagination and creativity. The city's squares are surrendered to children and dedicated to the development of all the artistic forms of their creative drive. There are three parts to the festival: the domestic and international children's ensembles, the workshop program of children in the act of creation and the educational symposium addressing issues such as aesthetic education of children.

Go to: http://mdf-sibenik.com/?lang=en for more info.

Outdoorsy Types

For the mountain bikers, Dalmatiner MTB Marathon takes place in Vodice on June 15th. Vodice is a beautiful location to bike through because it is near the coast and has sweeping views of limestone hills covered with olive trees, pastures and vineyards. Champions from all over the world come to compete here. There are three paths to choose from: Easy, Classic and Epic.

Go to: https://www.adriabike.hr/en/events/husqvarna-adria-bike-series-2019/dalmatiner-2019/ for more info.

For the runners, Velebit Ultra Trail is a 100 mile race that takes place through Paklenica National Park from June 21st- June 23rd.

Go to: http://www.outdoor.hr/home for more info.

History Buffs

For the history enthusiasts, Poreč Historical Festival goes from June 21st-23rd with over 250 Baroque dressed participants. This cultural and educational event portrays the 18th century with a knight tournament called Giostra, reconstructed from from the actual rules of a tournament held in Poreč in 1745. Other festivities include theatrical performances, street entertainers, local produce and trades, jugglers, swordsmen, Baroque music and much more.

Go to: https://www.myporec.com/en/what-to-do/events/19205 for more info.

Music Fans

For the music goers, Krk Music Fest runs from June 21st-23rd on the island of Krk in the city of the same name. The festival celebrates World Music Day and the official beginning of summer. Along with music, experience dance events and street food specialties from around the world.

Go to: https://www.krkmusicfest.com for more info.

Another music festival to attend from June 22nd-29th is RetrOpatija. Celebrating swing, rockabilly, rock, jazz and electric disco from the 20th century. Retro musicians, pin-up models, dancers, cars and motorcycles fill the city of Opatija to party.

Go to: https://www.visitopatija.com/en/retropatija/ for more info.

The music festivities continues in Croatia with INmusic Festival from June 24th-26th in the country's capital Zagreb on the Island of Youth at Lake Jarun. This is the largest open air event in Croatia and each year it continues to grow internationally as one of the world's most popular festivals.

Go to: https://www.inmusicfestival.com for more info.

Families, outdoor adventurers, history buffs and music lovers can all enjoy the the month of June in Croatia on the beach, in the mountains or in the cities. You are sure to discover plenty in Croatia on your vacation.

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