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March in Croatia

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

March, or Ožujak in Croatian, is the first month of Spring. The weather is usually still on the cooler side, but snow is less likely and a few warmer days are not out of the ordinary. This is a pretty pleasant time of year to hike, run and cycle outside.

Croatian's celebrate Ash Wednesday or "Pepelnica," which began this year on March 6th. As with many other Christian religions, this marks the first day of Lent or "Veliki Post." Lent lasts for 40 days before Easter and is a season of fasting, abstinence, penance and prayer. During mass a priest places ashes on your forehead in the symbol of a cross.

The 24th annual Viroexpo is an international business, crafts and agriculture fair that takes place from March 15th to 17th this year in the city of Virovitica. Hundreds of exhibitors from 29 countries will be featured at the expo. To get more details go to: http://viroexpo.com.hr.

Two events occur on March 16th, the Festival of Oysters and the Dugi Otok Trail. The Festival of Oysters takes place in the town of Ston and Mali Ston. This festival traditionally marks the annual feast of St. Joseph with the tasting of oysters and Pelješac wines. There are presentations of traditional Croatian island products, Dalmatian music, folklore performances, raffles and more. The Dugi Otok Trail is a race through the beautiful landscape of Telašćica Nature Park in the Zadar archipelago. The race begins and ends in the village of Sali where you are treated to food and live music.

While most Americans celebrate a festival of lights around Christmas, the Festival of Lights Zagreb takes place March 20th through 24th. Attractive audio-visual installations and projections come to life at various locations around the city. The theme of the festival is spring which symbolizes the awakening, growth and renaissance. Each of the locations will try to evoke springtime through light performances held from 6:00 to 11:00pm. Zagreb joins other world cities that have a tradition of holding such festivals, like Lyon, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Prague, St. Petersburg and Berlin.

Who knew the month of March would have so many happenings?! Holidays, expos, festivals and races will have you discovering so much more to Croatia than you ever imagined.

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