• Jessica Cerovic

November in Croatia

November or Studeni in Croatian is the last month of fall, but certain parts of the country probably already feel like winter and there might even be snow on top of the tallest mountains. You might still take a walk on the beach, but only the wild would jump in the sea. Bundle up and you can still enjoy the outdoors with hiking, cycling and such or visit one of the many events the month has to offer.

Zagreb Film Festival in Zagreb: Nov. 7th-17th

This is one of the most popular international film festivals in the country. Hundreds of new independent films are presented, including documentaries, short films and features. The program offers events for all ages from education to networking. Films can be seen at the following locations in the city: Tuškanac Cinema, MSU, KIC Hall, KUC Travno, NS Dubrava and Lauba.

Rijeka International Jazz Festival in Rijeka: Nov. 14th-17th

"Jazz Time" is in its 28th year and has become one of the country's best for jazz music. The event gives a platform for young musicians to perform and for audiences to learn and witness the most recent in jazz.

The Days of Young Olive Oil in Vodnjan: Nov. 15th-17th

Vodnjan is well-known for it's extra virgin olive oil being one of the best in quality and taste in the world. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience a full schedule of cultural and culinary happenings with over 100 producers sharing their olive oil.

Rally Show Santa Domenica in Sveta Nedelja: Nov. 22nd-24th

This is one of the greatest rally shows in Eastern Europe. Over 100 crews with their top drivers from around the world guarantee an impressive show due to the ideal location combining gravel, mud and sometimes even snow.

CROFISH - International Fisheries Fair in Poreč: Nov. 22nd-24th

This event is a gathering for everyone involved in fishing. Several economic topics to be discussed in lectures and meetings during the fair are: strengthening the position of fishery products in the local diet, regulation of the markets, construction of fishing infrastructure, business cooperation and access to fisheries, production, exports and competition of fishermen.

See an independent film or watch a rally car race and then go eat some freshly pulled from the sea fish with a drizzle of young olive oil on it while you listen to live jazz music. You really cannot discover whether you like fish or not, until you taste fish from Croatia. Sounds like a perfect day while on vacation.

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