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October in Croatia

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

October or Listopad in Croatian really highlights the season's food and is a gorgeous time of year for outdoor activities as much of the foliage changes from green to red, yellow and orange. Temperatures are cooler but it is refreshing and comfortable. Whether you are strolling along the shore or hiking through the mountains, you will probably want to pack some sweaters, long pants and jackets

Good Food Festival in Dubrovnik: Oct. 15th - 21st

A festival for food lovers and wine drinkers full of different workshops, including a Dalmatian Brunch and a Healthy Food Fair. The main event of the festival is the Dubrovnik Table that stretches along the entire Stradun (main pedestrian street) displaying food from the best restaurants in the city.

Biograd Boat Show/Biograd na Moru in Biograd: Oct. 17th - 20th

This is the largest boat show in all of Central Europe due to Croatia being one of the most popular sailing destinations and having some of the most impressive facilities. Several hundreds of exhibitors and boats, as well as many lectures and seminars. Partnering in the event is the Kornati Marina and the Illirija Resort hotels, restaurants and entertainment.

Istria Granfondo in Umag, Istria: Oct. 18th - 20th

An international cycling marathon where you can choose between a 91 kilometer route or a 127 kilometer route traveling around the central and northwest region of the peninsula.

The International Prosciutto Fair in Tinjan, Istria: Oct. 18th - 20th

Taste more than 30 kinds of prosciutto from producers from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria.

Dalmacija Utra Trail in Omiš: Oct. 18th - 20th

Travel through five different mountains, over three rivers and see historical fortresses and even an ancient city along your route. Reenactments of pirate attacks, medieval battles and peasant life take place along the way for entertainment.

Classical Guitar Days in Split: Oct. 29th - Nov. 2nd

An international festival uniting top guitarists and composers with workshops, lectures, presentations and masterclasses.

Good food, boats, cycling, running and music rounds out the month of October. Which event will you choose to discover in Croatia on vacation?

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