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September in Croatia

September or Rujan in Croatian, the beginning of Autumn or Jesen. You will notice the change of the seasons in the wind. The month can still be very warm at times, but you will begin to see cooler days as well, especially in the northern and more mountainous parts of the country. The busy tourist season has ended for the year, which means accommodation prices go down and everywhere is less crowded. With more mild weather, the country is full of events and festivals to enjoy outside that take on less of a beach vibe and more of a fall theme.

Lace Making

Dani u Vali/Days In The Bay in Stari Grad, Hvar Island: September 11th-15th

An international festival of the sea and seamen with traditional boats from Istria to Neretva. This event includes workshops, presentations, lectures, music, food and drink and a nighttime boat parade called, The Dance of Sails and Lights.

Vinkovci Autumn in Vinkovci: September 13th-22nd

This event marks the official beginning of Autumn rewarding Slavonians the most for their hard work. It is considered one of the most important festivals in Croatia and the goal is to get more tourists to understand the culture of the Slavonian people with traditional clothing, music, dialects and other customs.

Lepoglava International Lace Making Festival in Lepoglava: September 13th-15th

This festival includes a parade through the main street of town with a brass band, woodwind orchestra and several cultural and artistic groups participating. There will be workshops, exhibitions, lectures and cultural and entertainment events all focused around this ethnographic skill.

Festival Visualia and Pula X Race in Pula: September 19th-21st

This was the first festival of lights in Croatia beginning in 2013. The festival received the Guinness World Record in the Arena colosseum for the largest photography of people forming a light sign, called the "Light Postcard" in 2015. Installations are set up all around the city and on the last night the Pula X Race (night race) takes place. Runners have a choice of completing a 5k or a 10k.

Grape Harvest in Pregrada: September 21st-29th

This is a customary ceremony celebrating the harvest of grapes using traditional tools of their ancestors.

Ston Wall Marathon in Ston: September 22nd

This race takes place on the longest wall in Europe.

Rijeka Boat Show in Rijeka: September 27th-29th

This event is for all nautical enthusiasts, boaters, sailors and fishermen. Exhibitors will display their assortment of vessels, boat engines and equipment.

Crikvenica 4 Pets in Crikvenica: September 28th-29th (my favorite event in September because I love Crikvenica and I love animals)

The stars of this event are pets, but their humans are guaranteed to enjoy this event too.

King of Učka in Ičići: September 28th

This road bike race begins at sea level in Ičići and climbs to the highest peak of Učka mountain, called Vojak. Open to professionals and amateurs.

Festival Visualia & Pula X Race

Fall festivals fill the calendar in Croatia from boat lovers to animal lovers, lace to grapes and runners to cyclists, there is something for everyone to discover in Croatia on vacation.

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