• Jessica Cerovic

So many beaches!

Croatia is known for their beaches along the Adriatic Coast with some of the clearest blue waters you have ever seen either on the mainland or on one of over 1,000 of it's islands. You have your choice of sand, pebbles, concrete or rock beaches and they all have something to offer you during your vacation.

I grew up along the East coast so every beach I had ever been to before traveling the world was a sandy beach. I love the feeling of sand between my toes and it is usually pretty comfy to set your towel down on and just sink in to. The downsides of sand beaches are it causes the water to be less transparent, even though in Croatia the water is still much clearer than the greenish-brown water I am used to from the Atlantic. The sand beach in Crikvenica is located near the town center and is about a mile long.

Pebble beaches offer clearer water than sandy beaches and an opportunity for rock lovers and geologists to have a day of discovery, but depending on the size they are not always the most relaxing to walk or sit on. The pebble beach in Crikvenica can also be found near the town center and is where the infamous Monty's Dog Beach and Bar can be found.

Concrete beaches are popular because they are usually located near city or town centers and their marinas. Some also offer close by amenities like coffee shops, restaurants, showers, etc. Like pebble beaches, the water is ordinarily clearer than a sand beach. Many have built in stairs you can use to access the water. They are normally easier to walk along than rock or pebble beaches. They are not always the comfiest place to lay down your beach towel. The concrete beaches in Crikvenica are located around many of the boat piers and southern side connecting to the town of Selce.

Rock beaches are where some of the clearest waters are located and depending on the depth of the sea floor can create all kinds of shades of blue. This is a popular location for cliff divers, snorkeling, diving and spear fishing due to the rich marine life easily seen here. Like concrete beaches, it is not always the easiest beach to find a spot to lay down a towel and rocks can be slippery when wet. Some rock beaches are very easy to access and some are found adventurously by hiking, a trail or even only by boat, but are worth the secluded spot. Rock beaches can be found on the outskirts of Crikvenica. One of our favorite rock beaches is Kačjak. There you can also find a nude beach once you pass the marking on the trail "FKK," meaning Freikorperkultur, German for Free Body Culture in English.

Interesting fact, Croatia was the first country to offer nudist holidays. British King Edward VIII and his American mistress Wallis Simpson created the nude beach on the island of Rab while cruising the Adriatic. If you have never been to a nudist beach you should definitely give it a try, because it is not what most people think. People at nude beaches are typically not concerned with how they or others look and people do not stare or take pictures or they might get kicked out. It is actually very liberating and allows you to be how nature originally intended.

It would take someone probably a lifetime to visit every beach in Croatia. Beaches follow it's entire coastline and are surrounding it's many islands, but if you are looking to experience all varieties of beaches in a few miles you should discover Crikvenica during your Croatian vacation.

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