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Springtime in Croatia

Updated: Mar 24, 2018

Spring is the perfect time of year to visit Croatia. Not only are the price of flights and car rentals cheaper but it is technically still the off season, so rental prices are lower and places like beaches, parks, restaurants and shops are not nearly as crowded.

Just like where I grew up in Virginia, March, April and May are the spring months in northern Croatia. Temperatures reach anywhere from 40-70 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be quite pleasant for outdoor activities. Croatia has a typical Mediterranean climate, so there is a mixture of sunny days and rain showers.

Croatia's official national religion is Catholicism. Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are national holidays. Most places will be closed. On Good Friday, fasting of all meat except fish begins. On Easter Sunday, people take food to the church to be blessed and then after midnight mass fasting ends. Since you have only had fish for the past few days, you gorge yourself on hard boiled eggs, ham, raw green onion and other traditional dishes and it is all worth it.

The flowers are in bloom making the entire countryside colorful after the darker days of winter. There are several flower festivals happening throughout the country in spring. Zagreb holds Floraart and Cest is de Best- International Street Festival. On the island of Pag at Zrce Beach is the annual Spring Break Europe Festival. Check out our "Calendar of Events" for specific dates and more details.

Since spring is nature's reawakening, what better activity to do than visit national parks. Plitvicka Jezera National Park is beautiful to see this time of year with all the waterfalls flowing from the melted snow of winter. Another popular springtime activity is picking wild asparagus. Locals know the best spots, but be sure that wherever you are picking it is allowed because some areas more recently have forbidden it. If you are looking for more physical activity, how about water rafting on one of Croatia's many rivers. Another popular choice is cycling through one of the the country's many routes. Our apartments has close access to routes at Velebit National Park and the city of Senj and there are several cycling events in the spring held in Istra. Igor's mother's favorite outdoor activity is hiking and there are numerous options around the area to please any mountain climber.

There are so many great deals and things to do awaiting in Croatia in the spring. Warmer temperatures allow vacationers to walk around comfortably sightseeing or take a road trip to locations not yet teaming with tourists.

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